Russian and Chinese travelling to Finland - in the past, now in the future
In co-operation with Research and Analysis Centre TAK
Torstai 18.1.2018 kello 16.30-17.00

What are the largest travel segments visiting Finland? Why do they visit? Where else do they travel? What separates and unites Russian and Chinese travellers? What are the motives behind their travelling? How has their travelling developed and what is the future potential? What is it, that really interests in Finland? How could we attract more tourists?

During the presentation, I will tell you, what I know about these subjects, and I will do my best to bring you answers to these, and other travel related questions.


The seminar is free and you can register via this link.

Jaakko Roponen on osakkaana Tutkimus- ja Analysointikeskus TAK Oy:ssä (Research and Analysis Centre TAK), joka on vuonna 1991 perustettu, nykyisin matkailututkimukseen erikoistunut yritys.

Henkilökohtaisesti olen tutkinut matkailua viimeisen 10 vuoden ajan. Olen ESOMAR jäsen ja koulutukseltani olen tuotantotalouden diplomi-insinööri.