Sharing experiences of responsible tourism development - Nordic perspective

Friday 19.1.2024 at 16.00–16.45 / Matkatieto stage hall 6 (6b2) 
In co-opration with ICRT Finland

The Nordic countries are united by, among other things, long common traditions, a similar culture and social system, and common values, including sustainability and determined climate work. In addition, the unique nature of the Nordic Region in the Arctic and subarctic regions is what unites the countries. While each Nordic country is a unique destination, clean air, beautiful nature, quality of life and sustainability offer the Nordic countries a special status as a travel destination. The climate and nature conditions in the Nordic countries face climate change differently compared to, for example, southern European regions. Our tourist destinations and businesses often depend on these unique conditions, and the survival of the future of tourism is therefore the protection of these conditions, as well as the maintenance of our socio-cultural resources. In this discussion specialists from different Nordic countries share good practices and solutions for responsible tourism development and discuss also about cooperation possibilities within Nordic Countries to enhance responsibility in tourism industry



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